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          Information Technology has been the greatest changing agent of this century and promise to play this role even more dramatically in the coming decades. It is changing every aspect if human life communication, trade, manufacturing, services, culture, entertainment, education, research, national defense and progress of nations, communities and individuals. 

             The knowlege of Computer has become a part and parcel of human life. No aspect of human horizon is left, where computer has not made it’s access. Right from education, bank, management, medical, decision making, to defense, computer has dominated the human mind, behavior and approach. The day is not very far, when a person without computer knowledge and its operation will be considered illiterate.


The rise of Information Technology in India is an opportunity to overcome historical disabilities and once again become the master of one’s own national destiny. It is a tool that will enable self-confident nation. In doing so, IT promise to compress the time it would otherwise take for India to advance rapidly in the march comity of nations.This book aims at introducing computers to the beginners. It provides definition and uses of computers in simple words. Use of popular general purpose applications like Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation Graphic Software, Desktop Publication, Accounting in computer, etc are also covered in some detail in this book.
              I am confident that by learning this course programme you will be able to apply the same at your workplace and at the same time help the Nation in becoming more productive and competitive.